Alice Asnaghi is a daughter of art; born in Desio, in the province of Monza, she began drawing at the age of three and soon started painting thanks to her mother, who is a painter herself. By the age of six, she was already attending a painting school with her mother.
She graduated in 2002 from the Brera Art High School and later attended the School of Illustration and Graphic Design in Milan, obtaining her diploma as an illustrator in 2005.
She then decided to move to Australia, where she spent an intense year exploring tropical areas. "Struck by the beauty of nature," she began using photography to capture small details in an original way, treating them as works of art. This marked the beginning of her artistic research focused on the connection between humans and nature and the enhancement of the environment.
Between 2007 and 2009, she lived in Florida, then in London, and finally in 2012 she moved to Rome, where she currently resides and has her studio, fully dedicating herself to her artistic career.
Her first exhibition dates back to 2016 on the occasion of the Contemporary Art Triennial of Verona, followed by numerous participations in exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the 2017 Meart, International Biennial of the Mediterranean in Palermo, and the MEAM for the Second Biennial of Art in Barcelona. In 2021, her first solo exhibition in Rome took place during the Roma Art Festival organized by the Art Studio Tre Association, in the setting of Piazza di Spagna. In 2023, she participated in Arte Fiera Padova, and in 2024, she is present at the Vernice Art Fair in Forlì. 
Alice Asnaghi experiments with an original language that combines two very different aspects of nature representation. On one hand, the artist seeks a realism that reflects the authenticity of the ecosystem, depicting specific species and essences; on the other hand, there is an almost fairy-tale, magical interpretation that transports the natural world into a painted vision "not only with the eyes but also with the soul."
Her acrylic works on canvas, as well as on other supports such as wood or cork, create compositions with visual cuts that reflect a close connection with her photographic experience. In some works, the point of view is from bottom to top, as if the images originated from nature itself, from the roots that transform into powerful tree trunks or from the flowing water that then calms. 
In these landscapes, the artist feels herself transforming into nature itself, changing her own dimension to embark on a journey in a natural space during which she infuses her emotions into the painting. The images are enriched by particular compositional rhythms, fairy lights that chase the midnight blue tones, the crowding of slender trunks, the succession of fleshy leaves following a vortex or a spiral, in a dynamic compositional harmony like music.
Finally, the series of Macro works appears as a journey into nature, a focus on a single detail, a particular that seems to transform before our eyes, like a flowing water droplet, the weaving of a spider swaying in the wind; it seems as if one can "feel the leaves breathe." Reality seems to change into enchanted forms, making the observer perceive the vitality and energy that flow peacefully in every form. In painting the smaller images, the artist narrates each fragment as if it were a poem, a silent song; it is enough to stop and observe their simplicity and perfection, to contemplate their power and beauty. 


Alice Asnaghi depicts an ideal, magical, timeless world that reflects her bond and love for nature, becoming for us a crystal-clear lens to remember how precious the connection between humans and the natural world is and how essential it is to preserve it.