Alice was born in Desio (MB) in 1984.

She started drawing and painting at an early age. This passion, transmitted by her mother who is also a painter, has always accompanied her since she was a child.

In 2002 she graduated in Milan at the Brera Art School and in 2005 she specialized as Graphic Illustrator at the Civic School of Arte & Messaggio.

After completing her studies at the age of 21, Alice leaves Italy and begins to travel the world in the company of her camera with which she begins to capture her first natural landscapes. Her first journey will take her to the far and wild land of Australia.

Here, she begins to observe and perceive Nature in a different, more intimate way, and chooses Nature as her inspiring muse.

Her canvases are painted with brilliant acrylic colors, full of precise and minute details. Her pictorial style is a meeting point between classical realism and modern figurative, her favorite subjects are landscapes and macro.

The purpose of her art is to describe the immensity and beauty of Nature, leading the observer on an emotional journey through her paintings.

Alice lives in Rome and is involved in the realization of projects aimed at raising public awareness of the respect and protection of the environment.

She also collaborates with Interior Design Companies to create wallpapers and coverings for unique and original settings.

Her paintings partecipate in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad and are part of private collections.